How to Log Your Workouts on WODwell

Track your progress in your personal activity log — for free.

3 min readJan 5, 2022

Why log your workouts?

✅ Keep yourself accountable. The simple practice of documenting what you do (like workouts) has been shown to help you create and enforce good habits (like working out consistently).

✅ Track your progress. You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Keeping track of your progress is critical to knowing how far you’ve come!

✅ Compare & motivate. Sharing your results is always optional. But if you’re the type who likes to see how you stack up, comparing your scores to others’ can help you set goals and be seriously motivating.

☝️ This is what your activity log looks like.

How to log your workouts — or any training activity — on WODwell

Any time you complete a workout or any other fitness activity (like a CrossFit WOD, a HIIT workout, or a run) you can easily log your score— such as time, load, reps, distance, etc. — in your personal Activity Log on You can even log an activity that doesn’t have a score (likeYoga). Below is a short demo video followed by step-by-step instructions.

Short (<2 min) demo video:

How to log any fitness or training activity in your personal Activity Log on

Simple instructions:

  1. Make sure you’re logged in (or create a free account if you don’t already have one).
  2. Open your Activity Log
  3. Click ‘+Log an Activity’
  4. Fill out the activity details: Title, Date, Rx/Scaled*, Score (optional), and notes (optional)
  5. Click ‘Save’

* ‘Rx’ means ‘as prescribed’ (aka: performed the way the workout was originally written). ‘Scaled’ means reduced in difficulty or otherwise modified from the way it was written.

Log your score for any workout listed on WODwell

When you do one of the thousands of popular workouts listed on WODwell, it’s even easier to log your score or result.

Short (1 min) demo video:

Simple instructions:

  1. Open the workout page on WODwell
  2. Click ‘Mark as ‘Done’’ (if you haven’t already) to add the workout to your personal collection of ‘Done’ workouts
  3. Click ‘Log a Score’
  4. Fill out the activity details: Title, Date, Rx/Scaled*, Score (optional), and notes (optional)
  5. (Optional) Click the ‘Share your result publicly’ checkbox to post your result as a public comment on the workout page
  6. Click ‘Save’


We added these new features to WODwell based on feedback from users like you.

As one of the most popular sites for functional fitness workout, it’s not surprising that WODwell’s users requested — for years — that we build a feature to allow them to track workout results. It took us a while, but I promise we were listening the whole time. Thank you for the feedback (please keep it coming)!




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