How to find Workouts you can do with the Equipment you have

Working out at home? Don’t have access to all the equipment of a full CrossFit gym?

Use this hack from WODwell to find hundreds of great workouts using just the equipment you do have.

IMPORTANT: Don’t skip the last step!

  • Select “Pick Your Equipment” from the main menu (or click here) to open a list of workouts pre-filtered to exclude most equipment.
  • Click the “Filters” icon — this is where you’ll set your equipment preferences
  • Click the “Equipment” section of the Filters menu (to reveal the list of equipment already pre-excluded for you)
  • Click the little ‘x’ next to any piece of equipment you do have (to remove it from the list of excluded equipment).
    Seems backwards — but this is the *hack*
    . Don’t add any equipment to the “include” field.
  • When you’re done, click “Search”
  • You’ll get a list of popular workouts you can do with the equipment you do have.
  • IMPORTANT: Bookmark the page before you click away. This way you can come back to this workout list any time (you’ll only have to to pick your equipment this once)!

How to Bookmark a page (using Chrome browser):

(We’re working on a feature to let you to save your filter settings right on WODwell so you don’t have to bookmark them — but for now this is the best workaround.)

Hope this tutorial was useful in helping you find workouts you can do with the equipment you have on!

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