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Connecting Remote Coaches with New Clients

35% of the coaches in a test we ran we ran over the Summer (to match athletes with remote fitness coaches) told us they got hired by at least one athlete.

That’s not bad for a low-budget prototype. Now we’re designing software to do it better.

After we ended that test coaches gave me some great feedback about how WODwell can improve the way we connect athletes with remote coaches:

  1. Let athletes send inquiries directly to coaches
    (Jeremy doesn’t need to be a middle-man)!
  2. Set athletes’ expectations about the $ cost of remote coaching
  3. Improve athletes’ responsiveness

I listened.

And I’m excited to share that we’re using that feedback to design a brand new WODwell product just for coaches.

Remote coaches will soon be able to showcase their craft and expertise through their original workouts — to get discovered (and hired) through WODwell.

The first phase will launch at in November, 2019.

Jeremy Reither | co-creator

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Functional fitness workouts & coaching from some of the best coaches in the world. For CrossFitters by CrossFitters.

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