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3 min readMay 8, 2023
Training with friends in our our garage

Hey, fellow fitness enthusiasts! We’re beyond excited to share some amazing news: WODwell, the go-to archive of popular “benchmark” workouts (aka: WODs), including “hero” and “memorial” WODs and their stories, just took a massive leap toward our mission of making functional fitness more accessible to everyone — and we mean everyone — by making our the workouts from our training programs and our workout logging platform open to the public, for free!

WODwell’s mission is to make functional fitness more accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of access to equipment, a gym, or an in-person coach.

WODwell started in 2014 as an online platform for discovering popular workouts. After years of listening to our users ask us to offer daily training programs, we launched two expertly-designed programs:

  • ELEMENT (for everyone), designed by Joe Masley, CrossFit Seminar Staff, CF-L3 Trainer, and co-owner of CrossFit Marshfield)
  • ATHENA (for women), designed by Lisa Reither, co-creator of WODwell, CF-L2 Trainer, and owner of Spiritus CrossFit).

We’re proud to announce that as of now, both (a) the daily programs (including workouts, active recovery, rest-day activities) and (b) the logging/tracking capabilities available to all users — totally free!

A sample few days from the ELEMENT program

Not Everyone Can Train at a Gym

As WODwell’s co-creators, Lisa Reither and Jeremy Reither, we have experienced the struggle of balancing busy lives with fitness. With three kids, full-time jobs, and time at a premium, in 2017 we were forced to cut gym commutes out of our days and transition to home workouts. We know that many people face similar challenges for various reasons, such as lack of access to a gym or budget constraints.

As former CrossFit affiliate members and now current CrossFit affiliate owners, we believe in the value of training in person, in a class environment, with a live coach. But we also recognize that’s not an option for everyone. And training at home has its own advantages (convenience, time, cost). Training at home is also far better than not training at all. That’s why we made these programs’ workouts and our platform available to anyone who wants to train.

More than Just Workouts

Measure Your Progress

The ability to log your results and track your progress is a key element of helping athletes stay consistent and be successful with their training. That’s why this is an important part of moving a big step closer to achieving our mission.

Optional Warm-Ups, Scaling Options, and More

For people who need more, like warm-ups, skill development, scaling & modification options, leaderboards, and access to a private online community, all of that comes with a membership ($29/mo). And for anyone who can’t afford it, we offer a scholarship option.

But absolutely no membership is required to access the core features and reap the benefits of these programs!

We believe “if you have a body, you’re an athlete.” So, join us on this incredible journey to make functional fitness accessible to everyone. Let’s get fitter together!

Happy training!




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