Fitness Requires More Than Workouts

Today, millions of athletes use WODwell to discover workouts. Now we’re building a way to help our users find and hire remote coaches online.

Why? Because one-off workouts will only get you so far on your functional fitness journey. Because 80% of our users are athletes and 20% are coaches. And because we’re excited about the role remote coaching has in the future of fitness.

With remote coaching:

  • athletes can get flexible individualized programming anywhere, any time
  • coaches can build sustainable, scalable businesses when they’re selling their knowledge instead of just their time
  • technology advances are making it all easier than ever before

There’s one problem for coaches: finding new clients is tough.

We’re fixing that.

Sneak Peek

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Invite Only

So we can keep quality high, we’ll be inviting the best coaches from the functional fitness world to join. Then, I’ll send a limited number of free invites to coaches on our waitlist. Want an invite? Join the waitlist.

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