Finding the right workout just got easier.

Improvements to WOD filters on

Find the needle in the haystack without picking through the straw.

WODwell serves millions of functional fitness athletes and coaches, and our users tell us a common story: they come to find the ‘right’ workout for today and spend too much time browsing the the thousands of possibilities. WODwell has all the workouts but users needed a better way to filter them.

Click the ‘Filters’ icon at to find the right workout

Complete control begins with seeing only what you want

Previously, filter checkboxes on WODwell were automatically selected by default. So narrowing down a search meant you had to uncheck everything you didn’t want just to check the ones you wanted. This was inefficient, non-standard, and, understandably, annoying.

All filters are now unchecked until you check one. A simple timesaver.

Filter in, Filter out

Is your gym closed? Do you work out at home on your lunch break? Are you a coach doing individualized programming? We don’t always have the luxury of a fully equipped gym.

Bodyweight only

No equipment? No problem. That doesn’t have to mean ‘no workout today’ when you can toggle the new ‘no equipment’ (bodyweight only) filter option. A single click on the ‘equipment’ toggle will show you workouts you can do with no equipment, regardless of location.

Toggle the ‘Equipment’ filter off to see only Bodyweight (No Equipment) Workouts

Include and/or Exclude Movements

A popular request from users, this filter allows searching for workouts based on the movements you want to include, exclude, or both.

Include and/or Exclude Equipment

Unless you’re lucky enough to work out in a first-class facility with all the equipment — a yoke, a GHD machine, tractor tires, swimming pool, etc. — there’s a good possibility you’re working with equipment limitations.

“Show me workouts I can do with dumbbells. But exclude workouts that require an Air Bike or a GHD Machine.”

Premium features for power users

WODwell offers a lot of workouts, basic filter options, and the ability to save custom collections of workouts for free. Paid “Beastmode” members get all of that plus much more

Focus Areas/Body Parts

Identify workouts for specific body parts (upper body, lower body, and core), or specific types of movements (pulling, pressing, squatting, etc.) Upper body and lower body are further broken down into more specific categories which means athletes can quickly locate a workout that fits within their existing overall goals and programming. For instance, an athlete that went heavy on legs yesterday may look for an upper body workout to balance their workload. With this filter option, that search is easy and fast.

Some of the special ‘Focus Area/Body Part’ filters


Like the Focus Areas filter, this filter isolates workouts that fit within the modalities of Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and Cardio (mono structural), saving time for the athlete or coach that is focusing for a specific purpose. For instance, a coach programming for a football player may want to isolate workouts that focus predominantly on weightlifting to emphasize the athletes’ strength conditioning.

The special ‘Modality’ filters

Beastmode — the complete package

Get access to a curated list of the best workouts from the world of functional fitness PLUS powerful tools to make it easier to find the right one. As a Beastmode member you unlock:

  • 5x more workouts, including thousands from extra categories for coaches and competitors
  • Special filters to find the right one, right when you need it
  • Access to our 365-day WOD calendar for daily workout inspiration
  • An ad-free experience



Functional fitness workouts & coaching from some of the best coaches in the world. For CrossFitters by CrossFitters.

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Functional fitness workouts & coaching from some of the best coaches in the world. For CrossFitters by CrossFitters.