Working out at home? Don’t have access to all the equipment of a full CrossFit gym?

Use this hack from WODwell to find hundreds of great workouts using just the equipment you do have.

IMPORTANT: Don’t skip the last step!

The Main Menu
  • Select “Pick Your Equipment” from the main menu (or click here) to open a list of workouts pre-filtered to exclude most equipment.

Improvements to WOD filters on

Every athlete and fitness coach knows the feeling of being stuck and lacking the ‘fire’. The feeling of pulling up your favorite source of workout inspiration… and you just keep scrolling. The right workout doesn’t show itself; the workouts use equipment you don’t have. Or every workout includes that one movement you’ve been doing all week (burpees anyone?).

The precious time you carved out to improve your fitness is running out. So you pick the next workout you see and trudge through it. If you’re a coach programming for your clients, you feel like you’ve let your athletes down.

Find the needle in the haystack without picking through the straw.


Today, millions of athletes use WODwell to discover workouts. Now we’re building a way to help our users find and hire remote coaches online.

Why? Because one-off workouts will only get you so far on your functional fitness journey. Because 80% of our users are athletes and 20% are coaches. And because we’re excited about the role remote coaching has in the future of fitness.

With remote coaching:

  • athletes can get flexible individualized programming anywhere, any time
  • coaches can build sustainable, scalable businesses when they’re selling their knowledge instead of just their time
  • technology advances are making it all easier…

35% of the coaches in a test we ran we ran over the Summer (to match athletes with remote fitness coaches) told us they got hired by at least one athlete.

That’s not bad for a low-budget prototype. Now we’re designing software to do it better.

After we ended that test coaches gave me some great feedback about how WODwell can improve the way we connect athletes with remote coaches:

  1. Let athletes send inquiries directly to coaches
    (Jeremy doesn’t need to be a middle-man)!
  2. Set athletes’ expectations about the $ cost of remote coaching
  3. Improve athletes’ responsiveness

I listened.


Over a few weeks in Summer 2019 I ran a low-tech (and low-budget $0) test to see if I could help athletes, users of WODwell, who were looking for remote coaching.” 30 coaches signed up. 100 athletes asked us to match them with a coach. What we learned excited us about the way remote coaching can make fitness available to anyone, anywhere — and how we can help.

UPDATE: In September, 2020 we launched our “Find a Coach” tool to help athletes find the right remote coach for them.

Athletes Want Remote Coaches

As WODwell’s audience grew to over 3 million fitness fanatics in…

Odds are if you’ve ever worked with a fitness coach it was in a group setting. But advances in technology and evolving preferences of both coaches and athletes* are changing that.

* “If you have a body, you’re an athlete.” — Nike

Fitness Trends & Fragmentation

The broader personal training industry ($9 Billion/year in the US) is currently growing at a modest 1% as it competes with a never-ending list of fitness trends and alternatives that trade personalization for cost, time/location flexibility, and/or novelty:

  • Do-it-yourself at commercial gyms (e.g.: 24 Hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym)
  • Less expensive follow-along exercise methods (e.g.:

Create custom collections of CrossFit workouts (WODs) at

You can now add any workout of the day (WOD) from to your personal collections.

  • Just crushed a workout? Add it to your ‘Done’ collection.
  • Got some you want to try later? Add them to your ‘To-Do’ collection.
  • Found some workouts you can do at home or with friends? Create unlimited custom collections like ‘At Home’ or ‘Shared Suffering’.

Tip: Find your personal collections in your WODwell profile at:

When you create a free WODwell account (or a paid ‘Beastmode’ account) we’ll automatically add three empty collections to your account (‘To-Do’, ‘Done’, and ‘Favorites’). You can also create…


Functional fitness workouts & coaching from some of the best coaches in the world. For CrossFitters by CrossFitters.

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